Track rollers, reinforcement rollers and cam rollers

Metal ball track rollers are self-holding, single or twofold column metal balls with especially thick-walled external rings. Notwithstanding high spiral powers, these headings can likewise uphold pivotal powers in the two bearings.

Burden type track rollers are single or twofold line units mounted on shafts or studs. They involve thick-walled external rings with a profiled external surface and needle roller and enclosure congregations or full-supplement moving component sets.

Cam rollers are comparable in their development to single and twofold line support rollers, then again, actually the raceway is shaped by a weighty area roller stud with a fixing string and grease opening.

Demonstrated application regions for these items incorporate cam instruments, guideways, conveying frameworks and straight direction frameworks.


Track rollers

Schaeffler X-life

X-life – shown to be better
In these headings, the raceways have upgraded unpleasantness and mathematical precision. This gives a higher burden conveying limit and longer help life. X-life is the top notch brand that distinguishes especially elite execution items under the INA and FAG brands.

They are portrayed by a more drawn out rating and working life – the consequence of higher unique burden appraisals than those of current standard items. Assuming that the heap and plan envelope are unaltered, X-life heading have a more extended rating life. Longer upkeep stretches are conceivable.

Our 2-to 8-foot 16 check aroused steel roller track is made for outright strength. Pair with shade streetcars to connect your divider drape texture.

Purchasing Your Curtain Track System
Contingent upon your application, you might require track roller some track support equipment:
Roof Support Hardware – Used to mount drape track to the roof or even surface.
Divider Mount Hardware – Used to mount and tie down track to a divider or vertical surface.
Strung Rod Support Hardware – Used to get drape track from a higher place, in any event, when no constructions are free for help (roof or divider).
Bar or Chain Support Hardware – Used to tie down track to radiate or chain quickly above.
Searching for more track choices? Shop:
9-to 16-foot Roller Track – Longer track; pair with shade track support equipment and frill.
Unmounted Track – For boring straightforwardly into the roof.
Need some drapery track extras? Shop:
Shade Trolleys – Attach to drape texture to get draperies across the track.
Track End Stops – Prevents shade streetcars from sliding off.
CCS Curtain Track Hardware – Curved, Standard
Quick, simple, and savvy strategy to make explicit regions or zones.
Use somewhere around 1 help connector for each 6-8 feet of roller track.
Deduct 2 ft. from the length of straight track on each side of the bend.
Bended tracks are 2 ft. sweep.
Drapes roll back when not being used.
25% restocking charge.

Built from balls, rollers or an affordable area pin plan
Materials, for example, carbon steel, high compound steel, impeccable, aluminum, designed polymers
Inch or metric aspects
Strung, non-strung or capricious shafts
Screwdriver opening, hexagonal attachment or hexagonal shaft mountings
Round and hollow or delegated external ring profile
Oil to oblige differing temperature limits
Fixed or un-fixed plans and numerous coatings, platings and post medicines accessible for various assembling conditions

Track roller
A track roller can be delivered in both metal and plastic. Plastic is frequently the most ideal decision. Ridderflex has north of 25 years of involvement with delivering plastic track rollers. We dominate in the development of specially crafted items. Particularly for non-standard machine parts you’ve come to the right location.

Plastic track roller: a decent decision
A plastic roller bearing is customarily frequently created in (cast) steel. Is it safe to say that you considering makes a plastic track roller the most ideal decision? We are glad to give you an outline:

It is critical that the plastic roller bearing is self-greasing up and effectively relevant. A steel part can’t constantly be (effectively) greased up. A plastic bearing needn’t bother with additional grease: the material is self-greasing up;
Plastic has sufficient flexibility to return to its unique shape.