Sewage treatment studio effectively finished the channel press channel plate redesign work

To guarantee the typical activity of the weighty metal treatment framework and further develop the slime treatment limit of the sewage treatment framework, as of late, the sewage treatment studio coordinated work force to effectively finish the redesign of the channel plate of the suspension pillar channel press.

The redesign to the lower end of the mud can getting fluid plate for the lifting port rather than the conventional lifting technique, through the holder, mechanical streetcar establishment and water driven chamber and channel plate substitution, depending on their own solidarity, autonomous upgrade of the suspension pillar box channel press, energy saving and utilization decrease simultaneously to lessen the danger and work on the working productivity.

After the assessment, the basic answer for the channel press dumping mud hardships, channel plate development hole is excessively enormous, simultaneously, to additionally extend the support innovation, upgrade the upkeep limit, further develop the work force of laborers and wellbeing support issues, for the protected and stable activity of the sewage treatment framework established the framework.

The shift of high contrast, the change of turbidity and clearness.

Staff flushing the channel plate at the subsequent sewage plant

The ooze dewatering process assumes a significant part in the sewage treatment process, and is a significant assurance for the steady water nature of the gushing to satisfy the guidelines. The two plate and casing channel presses of the subsequent sewage plant channel in excess of 60 tons of ooze consistently, however the gear following 3-4 months of constant activity, the outer layer of the channel plate will continuously scale, bringing about a steady decrease in the volume between the channel plates, while the filter plate press pores on the outer layer of the channel fabric will likewise bit by bit block, bringing about a diminishing in water penetrability, ultimately prompting a quick decrease in the effectiveness of the whole channel press mud creation, and afterward a genuine effect on the nature of the emanating.

To reestablish the creation limit of the channel press, to guarantee ideal release of muck from the framework, the second plant of sewage laborers to exploit the delay during the scourge city waste decrease, with eight days to two channel presses a sum of 236 channel plates cleaned individually, adequately reestablishing the creation limit of dewatering hardware.

Because of the tight timetable and weighty undertakings, the sewage plant coordinated 10 critical specialists to shape a flushing crew, separated into four gatherings of dismantling, lifting, washing, get together, the utilization of two high-pressure water firearms zeroed in on channel plate washing. For set on mackintoshes, downpour pants, covers, caps and defensive goggles, utilizing high-pressure water firearms to separate the scale on the channel plate piece by piece, so a quick channel plate from filthy to clean. These specialists failed to remember the aggravation of the rubbish ricocheting off their cheeks and the chilliness of the water drops showering on their bodies, they were wearing waterproof shells and veils, we were unable to see their countenances and couldn’t see what their identity was, however what we saw was the strength and perseverance of their hands holding the water weapons and their undaunted and centered backs.

The plate and casing machine and transport continuing creation

Recycled water streaming after treatment

It is such a gathering, in the general conflict of counteraction and control of the pandemic in the city, impeding the conflict, cling to their positions and obligations, watching the city’s blue water and blue sky, yet additionally them, so a piece of channel plate to accomplish the rotation of high contrast, so the city sewage to accomplish the change of turbid and clear, yet additionally them, with their own behavior to show the most delightful figure of our Xingtai water industry individuals!