Investigation of the plan rule of multi-media channels

Multi-media channel is the utilization of one or a few channel media, under a specific strain to the turbidity of the water through a specific thickness of granular or non-granular materials, to adequately eliminate suspended pollutants so the water explanation process, usually utilized channel media are quartz sand, anthracite, manganese sand, and so forth, basically for water treatment to eliminate turbidity, mellowing water, unadulterated water pre-treatment, and so on, the turbidity of the water up to 3 degrees beneath.

    The importance of filtration, during the time spent water treatment, filtration by and large alludes to the quartz sand, anthracite and other channel media layer to hold suspended contaminations in the water, with the goal that the water to get explanation process. The permeable material utilized for filtration is called channel media, quartz sand being the most well-known one. There are an assortment of channel media in granular, powdered and stringy structures. Regularly utilized channel media are quartz sand, anthracite, initiated carbon, magnetite, topaz, artistic, plastic balls and so forth

    Multi-media (channel bed), both the utilization of multiple sorts of media as the channel layer media channel, in the modern reusing water treatment framework, used to eliminate pollutants in the sewage, adsorption oil, and so on, so the water quality in accordance with the necessities of reusing. The job of filtration, mostly to eliminate suspended or colloidal debasements in the water, particularly can viably eliminate the precipitation innovation can not eliminate the minuscule particles and microbes, BOD and COD, and so on likewise have some level of evacuation impact.

A, channel sythesis
Multi-media channel is for the most part made out of channel body, supporting pipeline and valve.
Among them, the channel body basically incorporates the accompanying parts: the worked on body; water conveyance parts; support parts; discharging gas pipe; channel media; fumes valve (outer), and so on

Second, the decision of channel media in view of
1, should have adequate mechanical solidarity to stay away from mileage and breakage in the discharging system rapidly.
2, synthetic solidness ought to be great.
3, doesn’t contain substances that are destructive to human wellbeing and poisonous, doesn’t contain substances that are unsafe to creation and influence creation.
4, the decision of channel media, should attempt to utilize the adsorption limit, interference limit, high water creation, great water nature of the result of the channel media.
In the channel media, stones principally assume a supporting part in the filtration cycle, as a result of its high strength, the separating hole between one another steady, huge pores, to work with the positive washing process, the smooth section of post-channel water; comparatively, the discharge interaction, discharge water and discharge air, and so on can be flawlessly passed. In the regular design, the rocks are separated into four sizes and are laid in a base up way, first enormous and afterward little.

The connection between the molecule size of the channel media and the filling tallness
The proportion between the tallness of the channel bed and the normal molecule size of the channel material is 800 to 1000 (plan detail). The size of the molecule size of the channel media is connected with the filtration precision.

Four, multi-media channel
Multi-media channels utilized in water treatment, the normal ones are: anthracite-quartz sand-magnetite channel, actuated carbon – quartz sand-magnetite channel, enacted carbon – quartz sand channel, quartz sand – fired channel, and so on
Multi-media channel layer plan, the principle elements to consider are.
1, diverse channel media have an enormous thickness distinction, to guarantee that the discharge unsettling influence won’t happen after the blended layer peculiarity.
2, as indicated by the utilization of delivered water to pick the channel media.
3, the molecule size requires the lower layer of channel media molecule size is more modest than the upper layer of channel media molecule size, to guarantee the viability and full utilization of the lower layer of channel media.
Indeed, in a three-layer channel bed, for instance, the upper layer of channel media has the biggest molecule size, with a little thickness of light channel media, like anthracite, enacted carbon; the center layer of channel media has a medium molecule size and medium thickness, by and large comprising of quartz sand; the lower layer of channel media comprises of the littlest molecule size and the biggest thickness of weighty channel media, like magnetite. Because of the thickness distinction, the three layers of media channel media choice is fundamentally fixed. The upper layer of channel media plays a coarse filtration job, and the lower layer of channel media plays a fine filtration job, which gives full play to the job of multi-media channel beds, and the water quality is altogether better compared to that of single-layer channel beds. For drinking water, the utilization of anthracite, sap and other channel media is by and large disallowed.

Five, quartz sand channel
Quartz sand channel is a sort of channel utilizing quartz sand as channel media. It can viably eliminate the suspended matter in the water, and has clear expulsion impact on the poisons like colloid, iron, natural matter, pesticide, manganese, microscopic organisms and infection in the water. It enjoys the benefits of little filtration opposition, huge explicit surface region, solid corrosive and antacid obstruction, oxidation opposition, PH pertinent scope of 2-13, great enemy of contamination, and so forth The exceptional benefit of quartz sand channel likewise lies in the enhancement of the channel media and channel plan, to accomplish the versatile activity of the channel, the channel media has a solid self-flexibility to the crude water focus, working conditions, pre-removal process, and so forth, that is, the channel bed consequently shapes the upper inadequate and lower thick state during filtration. This is helpful for guaranteeing water quality under different working conditions, and the channel media is completely scattered during discharging, bringing about great cleaning impact. The sand channel enjoys the benefits of quick filtration speed, high filtration accuracy and enormous soil capture limit. It is broadly utilized in the field of pretreatment of different cycle water, homegrown water, coursing water and wastewater in electric power, gadgets, refreshment, regular water, oil, synthetic industry, metallurgy, material, paper making, food, pool, civil designing, and so on
Quartz sand channel hardware has basic construction, activity can understand programmed control, enormous handling stream, less force times, high filtration proficiency, little opposition, simple activity and support, and so forth

6th, initiated carbon channel
The channel media is initiated carbon, which is utilized to eliminate shading, taste, remaining chlorine and natural matter, and its fundamental method of activity is adsorption, and actuated carbon is a misleadingly made adsorbent.
Initiated carbon channel is broadly utilized for pretreatment of water in homegrown water and food industry, synthetic industry, electric power and different businesses. In view of its all around grew fine pore structure and immense explicit surface region, initiated carbon has a solid adsorption limit with respect to broke down natural substances in water, for example, benzene and phenolic mixtures, and it has a decent evacuation impact for natural toxins that are hard to eliminate by organic and compound strategies, like tone, scent, surfactants, manufactured cleansers and colors. Granular enacted carbon has an expulsion pace of more than 85% for Ag^+, Cd^2+, CrO4^2-plasma in water. In the wake of going through the initiated carbon channel bed, the suspended solids in water are under 0.1mg/L, the COD expulsion rate is for the most part 40%~50% and the free chlorine is under 0.1mg/L.


Seven, discharging process
Discharging of the channel principally alludes to the channel subsequent to utilizing a specific cycle, its channel media layer holds and adsorbs a specific measure of garbage and stains, filter plate factory which makes the water nature of the channel’s emanating decline, basically described by: the channel’s ordinary post-filtration water quality turns out to be more terrible, the strain distinction between the delta and outlet pipes increments, and simultaneously, the progression of a solitary channel diminishes.
The guideline of discharging: the water stream switches through the channel media layer, making the channel layer grow and suspended, and cleaning the channel media layer with the shear power of the water stream and the crash rubbing of the particles, so the soil in the channel layer is isolated and released with the discharging water.

Eight, the requirement for discharging
1, in the filtration interaction, the suspended matter in the crude water is held and adsorbed by the channel media layer and constantly gathers in the channel media layer, so the pores of the channel layer are step by step obstructed by soil, framing a channel cake on the outer layer of the channel layer, and the channel head misfortune increments ceaselessly. At the point when a specific cutoff is reached, the channel media should be cleaned, so the channel layer to reestablish the work execution and keep on working.
2, filtration because of expanded head misfortune, the water stream on the outer layer of the soil adsorbed in the channel media shear power increases, a portion of the particles in the effect of the water stream to the lower layer of the channel media, and in the end will make the suspended matter substance of the water rising, the water quality becomes poor, when the pollutants through the channel layer, the channel lose separating impact. Thusly, somewhat, the need to clean the channel media to reestablish the soil holding limit of the channel media layer.

3, the suspended matter in the sewage contains a lot of natural matter, long haul maintenance in the channel layer will prompt the enhancement of microbes and microorganisms in the channel layer, the peculiarity of anaerobic defilement, the requirement for ordinary cleaning of the channel media.

Nine, discharging boundaries control and decide
1, development tallness: discharging, to guarantee that the channel media particles have sufficient leeway so soil rapidly with the water out of the channel layer, the channel layer extension rate ought to be bigger. Be that as it may, when the development rate is excessively huge, the quantity of particles in the unit volume of channel media turns out to be less, and the shot at molecule impact is diminished, so it isn’t great for cleaning. Twofold layer channel media, extension pace of 40% – – – – half .
Note: underway runs, the filling tallness and development stature of the channel media are checked arbitrarily, as during ordinary discharging there will be a run-out or wear of a portion of the channel media, which should be recharged. A somewhat steady channel layer enjoys the accompanying benefits: to guarantee the steadiness of the channel water quality and to ensure the impact of discharging.
2, discharging water volume and tension: general plan prerequisites, discharging water strength of 40 m3/(m2 – h), discharging water pressure ≤ 0.15 MPa.
3, discharging air volume and strain: discharging air strength of 15 m/(m – h), discharging pneumatic force ≤ 0.15 MPa.
Note: In the discharging system, the discharging air passed in is assembled at the highest point of the channel and a large portion of it ought to be released through the twofold opening exhaust valve. In day by day creation. Need to as often as possible really take a look at the perfection of the exhaust valve, primarily portrayed by the opportunity of lifting the valve ball.

Ten, consolidated air and water discharging
1, first flush with air, then, at that point, discharge with water: first lower the water level of the channel pool to 100 mm over the outer layer of the channel layer, pass in air for a couple of moments, then, at that point, discharge with water. Appropriate for channel lakes with weighty surface defilement and light interior pollution.
Note: The comparing valve, shut should be set up; in any case, when the water level dips under the outer layer of the channel layer, the upper piece of the channel layer isn’t invaded by water, and the soil can’t be adequately released during the all over unsettling influence of the particles, however will move further into the channel layer.
2, air and water joint discharging: from the lower a piece of the fixed channel layer at the same time sent high up and discharging water, air during the time spent ascending in the sand layer together to frame an enormous air pocket, while experiencing the channel material and become a little air pocket, while the outer layer of the channel material cleaning impact; discharging water top free channel layer, so the channel material is suspended, to work with the scouring of the air on the channel material. Discharging water and discharging air extension impact superimposed on one another, than a solitary procedure, the job is more grounded.
Note: the discharging tension of water and air discharging strain and strength is unique, should focus on the succession, to keep away from discharging water out of sight pipe.
3、After the joined air-water discharging, quit entering the air, keep a similar stream pace of discharging water and keep flushing for 3 min ~5 min to eliminate the air bubbles left in the channel bed.
Note: You can focus on the situation with the twofold opening exhaust valve at the top.

XI. Investigation of the reasons for the slabbing of channel media
1, caught in the channel layer on the outer layer of the soil, if in a specific cycle, can not be adequately eliminated, in the ensuing discharging process, in the event that the dispersion of discharging air isn’t uniform will prompt lopsided development tallness, with the discharging air scouring, scouring modest quantity of spots, the outer layer of the channel media, for example, oil and different pollutions can not be viably taken out, in the following typical separating cycle after the info, the neighborhood load expands, contaminations will be sunk from the surface into the inside, the pellet bit by bit expanded, and simultaneously to the channel filling profundity inside the expansion, until the whole channel disappointment.
Note: In real activity, the peculiarity of lopsided discharging air regularly happens, basically because of the hole of the base air dissemination conduit, the blockage or harm of the neighborhood channel cap or the disfigurement of the separating of the matrix tube.
2, the outer layer of the channel layer of fine particles, discharging crash open doors with one another less, the energy is little, so it isn’t not difficult to clean. The connected sand particles are not difficult to frame little mud balls. At the point when the channel layer is re-evaluated toward the finish of discharging, the mud balls will enter the lower layer of channel media and move increasingly deep as the mud balls develop.
3, the oil contained in the first water, caught in the channel, by discharging and remaining parts, over the long run, is the primary variable prompting channel media scheduling. When to discharge can be founded on the water quality attributes of the crude water and water quality prerequisites, the utilization of restricted head misfortune, water quality or filtration time and different measures to decide.

Twelve, channel handling and acknowledgment process contemplations
1. The equal resistance between the power source tank and the channel plate is needed to be something like 2 mm.
2、The level and lopsidedness of the channel plate are under ±1.5 mm. the design of the channel plate, utilizing the entire handling is ideal. At the point when the measurement of the cartridge is bigger, or dependent upon the limitations of unrefined components and transportation, two folds can likewise be joined and framed. 3, the channel plate and the cartridge body of each joint piece of the sensible handling, the air discharge interface is especially significant.
(1) In request to wipe out the outspread hole between the channel plate and the cartridge brought about by mistakes in the handling of the channel plate and the moving of the cartridge, the roundabout ring plate is by and large welded area by segment. The contact parts should be completely welded.
(2) The outspread hole between the focal line and the channel plate is dealt with similarly as above.
Note: The above measures guarantee that the channel and discharge must be associated through the hole between the channel cap or the release pipe. Simultaneously, the consistency of the circulation of discharging and separating channels is likewise guaranteed.
4, the channel plate handling of through-opening, spiral blunder of ± 1.5 mm. channel cap guide pole and channel plate through-opening between the expansion in the size of the fit, not helpful for the establishment of the channel cap or fixed. The handling of the through-opening should utilize mechanical gear.
5、The material of the channel cap, nylon is awesome, ABS is the subsequent best. Since the upper piece of the additional channel material, the crushing burden on the channel cap is amazingly high, requiring high solidarity to stay away from distortion. The contact surface of the channel cap and the channel plate (upper and lower surface) ought to be furnished with flexible elastic cushions.